Hey 👋

I'm Srevin Saju

I am an Open Source Developer, Graphic Designer and Web developer, working primarily on Python, creating interesting software to learn something new everyday!
I help create easy-to-install binary distributions of trending open source software for the Linux Operating System.

Projects 👨‍💻

Some of my interesting Open Source Projects!!

guiscrcpy feature Image
Guiscrcpy logo


Android Screen Mirroring

A powerful and fast Graphical User Interface for the award winning Screen Mirroring Tool scrcpy by Genymobile.
#python #android
sugaroid feature Image
Sugaroid logo


Artificial Intelligence

An open source artificial intelligence almost built from scratch (without machine learning) using spaCy and Python 3
#python #artificial-intelligence
Sugar Labs App Store
Sugar Labs App Store logo


Sugar Labs App Store v4

An Open Source Activity store for the non-profit educational organization Sugar Labs, a.k.a aslo after
#python #appstore
Zap AppImage package manager
Zap logo


Delightful AppImage package manager

A simple AppImage package manager that supports desktop integration, delta updates and much more!
#appimage #linux
PyAppImage logo


Python AppImage creator

Create optimized AppImages from Python source code
#appimage #python
Get AppImage Website
Get AppImage

Get AppImage

v2 of

The redesigned AppImage catalog for the
#appimage #theme
Carbonic feature Image
Carbonic logo


Fundamental Organic Processor

A simple carbon compound processor to create visual carbon structures from IUPAC name of the compound.
#chemistry #organic
NewMUN feature Image
NewMUN logo


NIS Model United Nations

Successfully built a frontend (open source) and backend for the New Indian School Model United Nations 2018-2020.
#mun #education
Flux theme feature image
Flux theme logo


GTK / KDE Theme

A customized ergonomic GTK / KDE theme for the popular Linux Desktop Environments, GNOME and KDE Plasma.
#kdeplasma #theme

Skills 😎


Programming | GUI development | Problem Solving

Worked with Sugar Labs Organization in maintaining the Sugar OS and Sugar Activities for non-profit education. Created guiscrcpy using Python and Qt5 GUI framework and currently working on a simple Artificial Intelligence Sugaroid and aslo4, using Python as a static site generator for the Sugar Labs Activity Store. Worked with Django and gunicorn


Almost all Linux distros 😄

Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, Manjaro, CentOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Debian and of course Android . Let's see if I can add more!


Version Control System



Linux / macOS Packaging

Published a few snap binary images of popular open source software to ease usability in end-users.


Web design / Development

Interested in working with Vanilla JS, Javascript Frameworks like JQuery. Currently working on aslo4 and developing websites for clients. Worked on production level markdown-html documentation using React and Gatsby.js.
Nginx Logo


Dynamic Web Hosting


Linux / Crostini Packaging

Creating AppImages of Python based apps aiming at portability.


Linux Packaging

Collaborating with mentors at Sugar Labs, packaged flatpak containerised Sugar Activities making Sugar Activities available as a desktop application
Kotlin Logo


Android Framework

Amateur Kotlin developer. Worked with a few local clients for Android apps for users with Firebase Integration, Material and Android X (Jetpack).
KDE logo Sugar Labs Genymobile Google Code-In Element Matrix Client AppImage Org

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